Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Yoga Sutras 1.5: Five Kinds of Colored/Uncolored Thought Patterns
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Yoga Sutra 1.5: Those gross and subtle thought patterns (vrittis) fall into five varieties, of which some are colored (klishta) and others are uncolored (aklishta).
(vrittayah pancatayah klishta aklishta)

vrittayah = the vrittis are

pancatayah = five fold (and of two kinds); panch means five

klishta = colored, painful, afflicted, impure; the root klish means to cause trouble; (klesha is the noun form of the adjective klishta)

aklishta = uncolored, not painful, not afflicted, pure; not imbued with kleshas; the root a- means without or in the absence of; hence, without the coloring called klishta